Vote NO 67 Campaign Response to Blue Book

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Cara DeGette
Communications Director

Sept. 6, 2014
Press Release / For Immediate Release


Vote NO 67 Campaign Response to Blue Book

The Vote NO 67 Campaign is pleased with the final draft of the Blue Book analysis of Amendment 67. Colorado’s bipartisan Legislative Council approved the wording for the Blue Book without comments or amendments this week.

“Voters who refer to the Blue Book as a ballot guide will learn about the far-reaching consequences of Amendment 67, and the myriad of ways that it would criminalize pregnant women and their doctors in Colorado,” said Fofi Mendez, campaign manager for Vote NO 67, which is working to defeat Amendment 67.

“It’s critical that voters understand that Amendment 67 would allow government intrusion into the personal health care decisions of individuals and families. It would make all abortions a crime, including those for victims of rape or incest and when a mother’s health is at risk. It would restrict access to common forms of birth control, and prevent treatment for miscarriages, tubal pregnancies, cancer, and infertility.”

“The campaign believes that the process has been fair, and appreciates the hard work of the Legislative Council staff putting together the Blue Book, and the thoughtful deliberation of Legislative Council,” said Mendez.

As per the Colorado Legislative Council: “The purpose of the ballot information booklet is to provide voters with the text, title, and a fair and impartial analysis of each initiated or referred constitutional amendment, law, or question on the ballot. The analysis must include a summary of the measure, the major arguments both for and against the measure, and a brief fiscal assessment of the measure.”

The Blue Books will be mailed to all Colorado voters on Oct. 3.

The Vote NO 67 coalition is broad-based, nonpartisan coalition of doctors, nurses and other health care professionals, faith and civil rights leaders, Latina, African-American and Asian-American organizations, and dozens of community groups.

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