Ballot Question & Response

The Ballot Text of Amendment 67: What Voters Will See

"Shall there be an amendment to the Colorado constitution protecting pregnant women and unborn children by defining "person" and "child" in the Colorado criminal code and the Colorado wrongful death act to include unborn human beings?"


Don’t Be Fooled: What Amendment 67 Would Actually Do

The measure expands the term “person” to include “unborn human being,” which has no established legal or medical definition, is not defined in the amendment, and would apply at all stages of pregnancy, including from the moment of fertilization. So under Amendment 67, Colorado voters would give legal and constitutional rights to a woman’s fertilized egg.


Why Amendment 67 is Dangerous, With Far-Reaching Consequences

The far-reaching measure would make any abortion a crime,including in cases of rape and incest and when a mother’s health is at risk. It would make pregnant women and health care providers criminally liable for any pregnancy that does not result in a live birth, regardless of the stage of pregnancy. It would restrict access to birth control options like emergency contraception, the Pill and IUDs, as they can prevent a fertilized egg from implanting in the uterus.


Amendment 67 Would Not Protect Pregnant Women

Amendment 67 allows the Government into our personal, private lives.There are many reasons why a woman may consider abortion, including when she has been raped, is the victim of incest or when her health is at risk. This proposal would take away every Colorado woman’s ability to make these choices for herself and her family. Under Amendment 67, a woman who is pregnant and has cancer would be denied access to life-saving medical treatment. Any doctor who performs an abortion would be subjected to criminal investigation. Any woman who suffers a miscarriage would be subjected to investigation for manslaughter. Amendment 67 would ban in-vitro fertilization treatments for women who WANT to have a family.